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Kindred Spirits Art Exhibition catalog writerKindred Spirits

Exploring Abstract Expressionism Today

Abstract Expressionism was a post-World War II movement that happened in New York during the 1940s and 50s, and there are numerous artists that work in abstract expressionistic modes today. This exhibition represents the work of six contemporary painters that have been influenced by this movement of art—the first art movement to put New York City at the center of the Western art world.
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Writer for self-published book by painter Jay ZerbeSelf-Published Book: Jay Zerbe 2014 Paintings

Painter Jay Zerbe

One can get lost in the gestural patchwork of Jay Zerbe’s paintings—paintings that defy boundaries as the eye wanders beyond the substrate’s format—elevating the imagination and heightening sensibilities. Like moments of flux caught by the eye of a millisecond camera, they are mysterious views into the workings of something grander and indecipherable. Powerful, stimulating, intriguing, and always challenging, they resonate deeply with our inner being, breathing in and out—inviting us to fully investigate them.
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Beau Wild - Self published bookSelf-Published Book: New Paintings by Beau Wild

Painter Beau Wild

Beau Wild is consistently on the move. Her peripatetic nature is reflected in her most recent abstract paintings, inviting us to partake of her expression of a road well traveled. Wild is a passionate journeyer and artist who has experienced a life filled with unexpected twists and turns, meandering byways, hairpin curves, gentle slopes, and everything in between. When she reached a dead end, she always had the resilience to begin again.
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Self-Published Book: Nine Portfolios: 1985-2008

Photographer Lee Dunkel

Nine portfolios of Dunkel’s work, created between 1985 and 2008, are presented in this book. Throughout her career, Dunkel has consistently used the silver gelatin process, even in the wake of digital photography. She has been honored with solo exhibitions of her work since the late 1980s and has been the recipient of several grants for her work, including two Florida Individual Fellowship grants. Her work can be found in corporate and private collections.
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