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Exploring Abstract Expressionism Today

Abstract Expressionism was a post-World War II movement that happened in New York during the 1940s and 50s, and there are numerous artists that work in abstract expressionistic modes today. This exhibition represents the work of six contemporary painters that have been influenced by this movement of art—the first art movement to put New York City at the center of the Western art world.
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Beau Wild - Self published bookNew Paintings by Beau Wild

Painter Beau Wild

Beau Wild is consistently on the move. Her peripatetic nature is reflected in her most recent abstract paintings, inviting us to partake of her expression of a road well traveled. Wild is a passionate journeyer and artist who has experienced a life filled with unexpected twists and turns, meandering byways, hairpin curves, gentle slopes, and everything in between. When she reached a dead end, she always had the resilience to begin again.
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Micala Sidore: Black + White + Red All Over

The New Hampshire Institute of Art

Micala Sidore’s series titled Black + White + Red All Over is an engaging exploration of her love of words, her dedication to the medium of tapestry, and her fascination with the visual. Her woven images are simple and clear in design, yet they are often more complex in content than initially meets the eye. When viewed as a group, these pieces are powerful, passionate, and unapologetically entertaining.
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Tim Murray: Changing Perspectives, 1960-2003

Spiers Gallery, Brevard College, Brevard, NC

Tim Murray is constantly changing, moving, and experimenting. His internal musings are recorded on a daily basis through work that engages him in the moment. His thoughts may take the form of drawings, sculptures, prints, or paintings, all of which are related on one or many levels.
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Generations: Harvey Littleton, John Littleton, Kate Vogel

The Folk Art Center, Asheville, NC

It is difficult to approach the weight of Harvey Littleton’s role in the studio glass movement in the United States without phrases which approach hyperbole. Nevertheless, unlike many of the supposed “fathers” of art movements which have been appointed posthumously to such roles by historians, Littleton is undeniably the sire of a movement which he has lived to see reach international scope. The story of his life and his influence reads as a combination of fate, a relentless calling to establish new ground, and zealous perseverance.
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Dualities and Dichotomies: The Works of John Briggs

The Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, FL

John Briggs paints out of an urgency to communicate. He finds his most cogent language through the use of the human figure as an agent for allegorical narration which investigates, but does not firmly establish, moral precepts. He challenges us to look at ourselves as we truly are – full of frailties, fears, secret thoughts and ambitions – and prods us to think beyond the often superficial and desultory messages of popular culture. Not claiming answers but rather posing questions, he creates work which may lead to the viewer’s reevaluation of prevailing standards in society.
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