I was delighted and gratified when Katherine asked to include me with many of my talented colleagues in her Visual Conversation Series for ArtsWrite.

It is a rare person that can do two things well; Katherine is a wonderful painter and also writes about art in a very lucid and open way. I generally have a difficult time speaking about my work, but with a gentle nudge from her, I was able to open up.

Katherine’s thoughtful questions were engaging and probing. I recommend her as a writer to other artists who need a little help in expressing their passion and commitment as they go down the less-traveled road.

— Matthew Dibble, painter; Cleveland, Ohio

Katherine Aimone flawlessly produced a professional catalogue showcasing my new nonobjective paintings. Looking back at the development of the book and the opening essay that Katherine wrote, I recall her insightful and probing questions that forced me to search deeply into my world as an artist.

Katherine’s ease as a writer gave my life’s experiences and paintings a voice that offer the viewer insightful glimpses into my work and life. It is rare for someone to express these experiences and expressions in a way that can be easily understood by others. When I read the essay for the first time, my eyes filled with tears.

Katherine was able to accomplish all this by working tirelessly with me, the designer, the photographer, and the printer. The catalogue truly highlights her many skills, and I appreciate her efforts to create such a professional piece.

—Beau Wild; Port Orange, Florida

Katherine Aimone wrote and edited a book that I published on my photography. The book includes nine portfolios of my work done over the course of 25 years. Her writing is exactly what I wanted and needed—just the right tone and description of each of the portfolios accompanies an introduction and essay on my body of work. While serving as the writer and editor, she also contributed many ideas to improve the publication as a whole. She has a very cooperative nature and ability to work with the artist as well as the graphic designer.

—Lee Dunkel, photographer; Ormond Beach, Florida

When I decided to publish a catalogue to accompany my first major solo exhibition at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, I chose to hire Katherine Aimone. I knew she would write an exceptional essay, and she exceeded my expectations. She put together a piece that very much reflected my thinking as well as hers, avoiding jargon.

In addition, in her collaboration with the graphic designer and me, she played a major role in overseeing the look of the catalogue. Her communications were all on the mark and generous.  The whole experience was just terrific, and I am extremely proud of the results. I couldn’t have done this project without her.

Micala Sidore, tapestry artist; Northampton, Massachusetts

In preparation for showing my work at Art Fair New York in 2011, I asked Katherine Aimone to assist me in the writing of a short bio. Katherine’s help was invaluable. Her suggestions and subsequent rewrite of my biography allowed me to present my story in a professional manner, in a way that ensures that my life as a practicing artist is presented in its best light.

—Don Weir, painter; Atlin, British Columbia

Not often do you discover a writer who can search out your deepest creative intentions, intuit your artistic sensibilities, and transform them into a storyline that captures the attention of a mainstream audience and the media.

Katherine Aimone recently wrote a press release for me for an upcoming solo exhibition of my work. Her intellectual, spot-on questions, her well-trained artistic eye, and gifted intuition fuels her writing. Using her sharply honed process, she moved me seamlessly through a series of questions, seeking out my intention and vision. Magically, she seemed to find interesting connections that strengthened the story.

I highly value Katherine’s unique talent. She is someone who can see more deeply than most, and write about the work in a way that is clear to the reader.
That’s not an easy assignment.

—Audrey Phillips, painter; New Smyrna Beach, Florida